Democrats Goal for 2020: Don't Eat Each Other!

Courtesy of Grabien and


The Democrats have a bold strategy for 2020--do not get in the Party's way of ousting Trump from office.

The Democrats have a big field for the 2020 Election as compared to seemingly the two person race it had in 2016 with Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

The public scattering of Hillary's emails derailed her campaign along with her "deplorables" commentary of the American voters.

All people like Bill Maher and other Trump haters want is for the party to come together and beat Trump no matter who the candidate is going to be.

They did not think that Hillary's private server with Government secrets was a bad thing as long as they obtained power and could put a stranglehold on that source of it.

It is not that complicated to realize that all Democrats care about is power. They truly do not care about helping anyone they just want to be the ones calling the shots and those who give them that power will get whatever scraps they are allowed to get.

So while some of us see through the facade the Democrats are putting up in 2020 they really need to realize that Trump is not going to lose because the Democrats will only keep fighting among themselves until there is no one left to crawl over to reach the summit of power.

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