Trump Hate Gets Vans Employee Fired

Courtesy of Grabien and Twitter


Want to see how bad Trump Derangement Syndrome has gotten? A 14-year-old boy went into a Van's Shoe Store and was told "F*** you," by an employee who worked there.

I say "worked" there because that employee was fired after he was confronted by the boy's mother and action was taken.

Imagine if during Obama's terms in office someone shouted at an Obama supporter in that same manner? That would never happen. Even though I am no fan of Barack Obama and will criticize his policies I would never say that about anyone who supports what he stood for. The level of tolerance for poor public behavior against Trump and his supporters is absolutely out of control.

Do not let Trump hatred go unnoticed! He is making America great again and do not let others assault you just because they disagree with you!

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