Jussie Smolett And Tawana Brawley Have Something In Common...

Courtesy of Grabien and Fox News

Making accusations of rape and hate crimes are serious things to speak of.

It is way more dangerous to make these accusations only for them to be altered or totally fabricated to meet your agenda.

It appears as if Jussie Smollett and Tawana Brawley have both gone down this dark road of making horrendous claims up.

Can you imagine if a Republican or a celebrity who supported Republican values came out and accused someone of these things and were found out to be lying? They would be crucified and their career would be over!

Why is it that lefties get a pass? Why is it that these people are never held accountable for their actions? Why is it that we have a media in this country that goes hard on topics fitting their agenda but also skate past heinous concepts when it does not sit right with them?

Smollett and Brawley will forever be linked now and it is about time we start using these examples against the Left when they come out and attack in this sadistic manner.

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