Maxine Waters Proves Once Again That Her Rhetoric Breeds Violence

Courtesy of Grabien and The American Mirror


Ever wondered why the Left never learns a lesson when they make a mistake? The reason is because they do not believe they are ever wrong as long as it is for their cause and going towards a greater purpose. They believe they have moral high ground and have all the right answers when it comes to many things.

Maxine Waters is convinced that no matter how many things Trump does to make this country better he will always remain the man who stole the election with the help of Russia and is a terrible racist, bigot and misogynist.

She wants Trump haters to get in people's faces and tell them that they are not welcome. So when another public speech was conducted and another Trump supporter came by the rhetoric and violence came swift and sure.

This is the purest form of hypocrisy that there is. Maxine says that she does not promote violence with her rhetoric and says that Trump is to blame for our country becoming more divisive.

The reality is that the Left is so blinded by hatred for Donald Trump that they themselves have been shown on numerous occasion to be feckless tired and mostly completely annoying and not worth recognizing.

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