Dianne Feinstein Does Not Like The Green New Deal

Courtesy of Grabien and Twitter

The Left has been using kids to propagate their message on just about everything because they believe it is a strong tactic to get people on their side by using "innocent children" who are affected by the decisions we as adults make. This is of course to fit their narrative and bully people into joining their side on many issues.

However the Democrats are now attacking their own using this messaging system when it comes to policy within the party.

The latest example of this comes in the form of Dianne Feinstein and the Green New Deal. Feinstein is not a big believer of the Green New Deal and wants to let everyone know that there are better ways of handling this issue that does not involve this particular piece of legislation.

In the video above Feinstein is shown talking to kids about the Green New Deal and the kids desperately wanting Feinstein to be on board and declare her support for it.

"We voted you in to make change," said a 16-year-old in the room.

As Feinstein says accurately, "You didn't vote for me."

The response of course is that Feinstein's decision to not address this will affect not only the young kids being used but also the younger individuals who cannot vote but still demand change and think they have all of the answers.

The adults get in their shots in the situation trying to bully Feinstein into their way of thinking when it comes the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the Green New Deal and the tendencies of Socialism that have creeping not only in the Democrat Party but also the United States of America primarily during the Obama administration.

I am no fan of Feinstein but this seems out of line even for Democrats to use on themselves! Perhaps this is the comeuppance that the Democrats have deserved letting this kind of thinking and tactics blind their sense of governance. This is a sad display any way you slice it for the Democrat Party.

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