Little Spike Lee's Petulant Hissy Fit

On Sunday, an angry little Spike Lee, surrounded by people just like him (the 1 percent), took issue with being snubbed by the Academy of Motion Arts.

His race baiting real-life film, Black Klansman, just wasn’t appreciated by the Academy as much as the feel good real-life, Green Book. Hmmmmm, first clue – people go to movies to be entertained not abused… just saying…

Afterwards the headlines screamed:

Spike Lee Pulls A Kanye When ‘Green Book’ Takes Best Picture Oscar

And so did I.

The only difference between the two – Kanye has a medical excuse – well so might Lee if you count having your head up your arse as a medical condition.

Deadline Hollywood reported: “Lee clearly was furious, got up and walked toward the back of the auditorium in a huff. He then turned back and appeared to get into an intense conversation with Jordan Peele, who was behind him. Lee paced the aisle and stormed to the back of the auditorium. When he came back, he turned his back to the stage during the speech.”

In that moment he did more damage to Americans of African descent then anyone like President Donald Trump could ever do.

That’s the point really – Spike Lee and his fellow cups-of-sorrow race pimps blast Trump while contribute to the decay of our culture – you know – the culture that would have an undercover cop go after the Klan. Just saying…..

Spike Lee isn’t pissed off because he didn’t win the Oscar. Nooooo. He is pissed off that he didn’t buy the right to the Green Book first.

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