2020 Campaign Ad All About Global Warming

Courtesy of Grabien and Jay Inslee

We have a new candidate for 2020 and he is all about global warming. His name is Jay Inslee. Do you know who Jay Inslee is? He is the Governor of Washington and he has worked in the House of Representatives as well.

He is now fully on board saying that climate change and global warming on the most important things to discuss while running for the President of the United States of America. He is also on board with the idea that science has proven that this is an issue and that there is no debate over it.

He wants to let you know that if you believe in his values to vote for him and if you do not then you are behind the times and that we are in the final stages and generations to actually turn the ship around and save our planet.

So where has he been through all of his time in the House and as Governor?

He has been working on housing committees and higher education committees. But even if he had been working on anything climate related in a state that has been aligning with these types of policies what would be next? Would he get Bill Nye The Science Guy, who is not a real scientist, to get excited about his campaign? YES HE DID!

This appears to be yet again another ploy to get people to be mandated to care about an issue.

Jay Inslee is the latest example of the Democrat Party still not having a true identity and another failed attempt at taking down Donald Trump in 2020.

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