Democrat Women Believe It Is Their Time in 2020

Courtesy of Grabien and RealClearPolitics

Tell me if this sounds like a new and ground breaking idea...

The opposition wants the current group in power to step aside in order for everything to be better and for things to be fixed and equal and fair for everyone again.

It is not new and that is the point!

Nancy Pelosi, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Jahana Hayes and Ilhan Omar want you to know that they are proud women in a position of power and that they are going to use it to do what is right for this country. What they really want is what is right for their agenda of intrusive big government.

They also want Donald Trump to do the country a favor and not run because he is making things hard on them and their radical policies that will sink this country deeper into debt.

If anyone needs to do the country a favor it is people in power such as these four in the video above. It has nothing to do with your gender and it has everything to do with your policies and their viability being completely worthless.

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