The Left Believes Mark Meadows Is A Slave Auctioneer

Courtesy of Grabien, Mediaite and MSNBC

During the Michael Cohen hearing Rep. Rashida Tlaib decided to bring race into the proceedings by accusing Rep. Mark Meadows of being a racist and propping up Lynne Patton as a prop.

The woman who was "used as a prop" as Tlaib and other Democrats have now called her is actually the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development director of region II which oversees New Jersey and New York. In other words she is a part of the Trump administration!

In the middle of the Michael Cohen hearing Tlaib decided that she had to be heard and had to bring up what she thought was racist.

It is only racist if you want it to be?

Rep. Tlaib wanted it to be racist.

The Democrats want this to be racist. They need this to be racist. Because they have nothing else!

So when MSNBC gets going they bring up that Rep. Meadows brought Lynne Patton up to auction her off like a slave!

And when Rep. Meadows was offended that that kind of insinuation was being made his claims were not taken at face value probably because he is old, White and Republican so those claims cannot matter to the Left!

These are the depths that the left and the media will go to try and label people as something they are not.

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