There Is A Democrat Hit List!?

Courtesy of Grabien and MSNBC

The Democrat Party continues to make headlines with their haphazard nature struggling to find an identity.

The latest dealing with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez comes in the form of a statement declaring that, "All Democrats that vote with Republicans will be put on a list for a primary challenge."

In short the Democrats are putting together a "hit list" as to who to remove from office via primary when they are up for re-election.

At least in the case of the Republican Party the "Never Trumpers" decided to leave and not run for re-election while President Trump wanted to get everyone on board and simply could not through the majority of his first two years in office.

This open and contentious threat against members of the Democrat Party speaks volumes as to the state of their well-being and where the power grab is truly going on.

The old guard of Democrats is still trying to grasp to power while the more radical freshman class is seeking to influence the party into a more progressive style of work where the younger members take control and phase out the older members to a more advisory role.

This of course will be an uphill fight and one to keep an eye on as the Left puts on a smile in front of the camera while behind the scenes trying to keep order within their ranks.

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