Hillary Clinton Panders Yet Again!?

Courtesy of Grabien and CSPAN

Want to know how unbelievably shallow Hillary Clinton is?

Would you like to know how she has a history of pandering?

Is there any way possible Hillary Clinton can be seen in any worse of a light?

The video above showcases Hillary using a Southern accent at the Bloody Sunday Memorial in Selma, Alabama saying, "When those bones get up and when that spirit is breathed into them, and they start climbing out of the valley, the first place they go is to register to vote!"

This is beyond shameless due to the fact that it takes place in Selma during Bloody Sunday Memorial but that she also has several instances of similar behavior.

Check this out...

Courtesy of CSPAN and Shelly Dankert

OR maybe this will make things even more clearly for you...

Courtesy of whyhillarylost whyhillarylost

Amazing isn't it that a former "most qualified candidate" to be the President of the United States has a history of racist pandering towards African Americans voters!

At the end of the day knowledge is power and this kind of attitude surrounds the Democrat Party who believes they are the inclusive party when in reality they are the party of pandering.

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