Trump vs. Biden Heritage Comments Are NOT The Same

Courtesy of Grabien and CPAC

CPAC 2019 had a ton of memorable moments from Donald Trump and will most likely go down as one of his best public speeches as President.

Even though his bulls*** comment is getting a lot of attention another comment also sparked ire on the Left as Trump proclaimed that he was going to "reclaim America's priceless heritage."

That comment has been called racist statement along the lines of the Left proclaiming that Trump wants to "Make America Great Again" is a trigger for "Make America White Again."

However in 2011 Joe Biden said something eerily similar...

Courtesy of Grabien and CSPAN

That comment was said at the Democratic National Convention in 2011.

Was there any backlash about Joe Biden and the Democrats wanting to "stand up, fight back and reclaim our heritage?"

Of course not!

The Left did not see this as racist from a Democrat in 2011 but now see it as such from Trump in 2019.

So next time someone tells you that Trump is a racist--make sure you reference the double standards that go on with the mindset of the Left on literally EVERYTHING says and does. Trump Derangement Syndrome is scary thing to have!

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