Bernie Sanders Is Against Cash Payout Reparations

Courtesy of Grabien, The Washington Free Beacon and The Breakfast Club

The concept of reparations has been a huge talking point for the Democrat Party going into the 2020 Election. Many African-Americans seem to be on board with the ides and want the candidates in the upcoming presidential election to make a firm stance on what they think of the concept.

Bernie Sanders joined The Breakfast Club to talk about just that topic. He was pressed to answer whether or not he liked the idea and if he could get specific as to how it would be addressed.

He turned down the notion that a cash payout to every African-American in the United States is a viable plan.

Bernie Sanders is actually making sense on an issue!?

Sanders knows much like a lot of people that this becomes a slippery slope argument. How much does each person get? How long do they get said money? Is it different and determined case by case? If an individual pays taxes and gets money back at the end of that season now a separate check goes out simply for reparations every year? Sorry not only is it not viable but now you are asking the Government to pay for something unwillingly.

Good luck to you! White guilt has become a powerful tool in the Democrat Party and they want to perpetuate it all across the country! Not going to work Democrats!

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