There Is Snow And It Is Winter, Hello!?

Courtesy of Grabien and Pix11 News

Need a good laugh? Try complaining to this woman about how cold the weather is in Brooklyn in March. People that have lived in that part of the country realize that this is normal and that this is part of living there. It is cold during the winter and there is snow during that time! Hello!?

Don't tell that to Amy Klobuchar, who announced her candidacy for President in 2020, who spoke of global warming during a snow storm.

The Democrats want you to believe that bad weather is abnormal weather. They will try to convince you that snow in the winter is not normal and that our planet is going to die in 12 years.

Take a step back and soak in the normalcy known as our weather. Stay inside if you can't handle it! Or here is an idea---move somewhere warmer!

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