The Democrats Don't Want Strong National Security

Courtesy of Grabien and Fox News

Whether it is foreign affairs or our own borders the Democrats have simply become the Party that is anti-National Security.

It has become clearer over the years but in more recent times the obsession with Donald Trump has put the topic of national security on the back burner.

Why deal with foreign relations when Donald Trump is your biggest obstacle?

Why deal with increased illegal immigration numbers when Donald Trump is locking up kids in cages and separating them from their families?

The Democrats fear Trump improving relations with the likes of Russia, North Korea and others because they truthfully do not want to be on a global stage as a superpower. They are fine with just existing and now being seen as a powerful country. They are fine with being an average contributor on the world stage and leading from behind.

They are so conditioned to do so that they have lost the will to lead at all.

So when an actual leader comes along and wants to do the opposite of that the freak out level reaches an all-time high.

Perhaps if the Left gets back to be principled in the right fashion they might have a shot. That may be asking way too much of them though...

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