We Must Let Immigrants Vote Now!

Courtesy of Grabien and Breitbart.tv

Once again Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats show their true colors when they speak about immigration and voting.

They truly do not care about the plight of immigrants or helping to curtail illegal immigration or even solve any real issue at the Border.

Pelosi and the Democrats want any and all immigrants to come to this country so that they can vote for them and keep voting for them year after year and election after election.

They want to seem as if they are the Party of inclusion to help all these people get into this country easier and then be repaid in full by having these people keep voting them back into power. That way they turn these "new voters" into loyal supporters to their "noble cause."

Power is their goal and they will get it any way they can and they will retain it by any means necessary.

It is not surprising at all to say the least however it is always worth pointing out how hypocritical the Democrats truly are.

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