The Democrats Have Become Hyperactive Political Radicals

Courtesy of Grabien and Meet The Press

If it has not become obvious over the years the Democrat Party has become more and more radical with its politics. This freshman class that started in 2019 is a perfect example of this behavior.

From Rep. Rashida Tlaib wanting to impeach the motherf******, to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez craft up the Green New Deal and Rep. Ilhan Omar spouting off anti-Semitic rhetoric the Democrats have become armed with hatred, anger and a focused effort to transform this country from Capitalism to Socialism.

The Democrat Party has become the party of division. Furthermore they are proud of being this way. If you go against their progressive ways you are the enemy of the people. Do you believe in abortion? If you don't you are the problem and you are trying to oppress women and their choice with their body. Do you want a free market system with Capitalism? Too bad because life must be "fair" for everyone through Socialism. Not paying enough taxes? We will change that to fit our narrative and our programs. Will you take a stance that is pro-Israel? We will make you feel as if YOU are racist and not thinking of the reality of a true solution in the region.

The Democrats are loud and they are proud but in the end it will not really matter. These people cannot win. Do you want to see this country fall like Venezuela has? Keep going down this path if you want to find out how bad it will get under these types of politicians. This is how low the Democrat Party is going to stoop to get power back again.

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