Democrats Indoctrinate Kids About Global Warming

Courtesy of Grabien and Breaking 911

What is one of the most effective ways that Democrats try to get their message across? They use kids and the benefit of children to propagate any narrative they use!

Another prime example as to the usefulness of kids for the Democrats is to also use their schools to dive into deep discussions such as global warming.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is now endorsing "Meatless Mondays" to help kids get healthier and curtail global warming so that these kids have a fighting chance for their future with a more well-rounded meal and a healthier planet.

Is there anyone that does not see through this? Are there still people out there that are blinded to this overt propaganda and indoctrination?

The answer is yes on both accounts. There are STILL people who let politicians use YOUR children to bully you into their policies.

The Democrats really have a lot of nerve to take the moral high ground on just about everything!

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