Kids Are Mad! We Failed At Climate Change!

Courtesy of Grabien and The New York Times

Did you ever envision story time with your kids to involve indoctrination with global warming and climate change?

No you did not!

The video above demonstrates the Left's desperation to try and get you to believe that climate change is an accepted scientific fact and that global warming is well on its way to destroying the planet and ruining any chance for the next set of generations to do anything about it!


Please do everyone a favor and stop shoving your dogma and your ideology down our kids' throats.

The fads that Left goes through send a clear message as to the propaganda this truly is.

The main cause of evil in the 1970's was...we have a new Ice Age coming!

In the 1980's it was...Acid Rain!

In the 1990's it was...the Ozone is deteriorating!

The 2000's and the 2010's have brought us global warming and climate change!

It is the same call to action with different mandates with the same outcome wanted by the Left. They want power to control what you should care about. Do not let them bamboozle you into their nonsense! The use of children to propagate a message is sick and vile!

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