The Media Is Nothing Short Of Irresponsible

Courtesy of Grabien and Fox News

Remember the days where your news media reported the news and kept you informed? Remember when they were a source of journalism that you respected and trusted?

Well now the media wants to be a big part of the news. They yearn for the coverage and to have "breaking news" and to be the arbiters of information. They want to hold the moral high ground and tell you that they are accurate and that if you do not believe them you are wrong!

Take the New Zealand attack and how they have handled it. What was the first thing they looked for? They looked for what the attacker looked like. What did they look for next? How the attack was conducted and by what means. Then they finally located a book that indicated a certain ideological belief that fits their narrative.

Their conclusion is that this is the work of Donald Trump's rhetoric.

They want so badly for this to be the fault of Donald Trump and not the fault of an unstable individual who is looking for something to be influenced by or put the blame on.

The media has become so haphazard with their job that they have become not only irresponsible but dangerous as well.

They have perpetuated their dogma into the masses and made it so that they control and distribute information and present it in whatever way they want to. Scary reality we live in! Rise above it and do your own research! These people are not going to be given the benefit of the doubt nor should they!

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