Everyone Is Done With The Mueller Report!

Courtesy of Grabien and Fox News

It is official---EVERYONE is done dealing with the Mueller Report.

After a shocking 420-0 vote in the House the Mueller Report is to be released and shown to the public pending further approval.

Does this mean that the Democrats are confident that there is actual evidence that incriminates President Trump? Of course not.

They know just like everyone else that this has been a colossal waste of time and that they need to back way off of impeachment talks in order for 2020 to be in play for the Presidency.

We have all been waiting to see if anything would come of this investigation but much like everything else the Democrats seem to do completely ends with empty promises and broken dreams.

Now that the Mueller Report and impeachment talks are over the Left cam spend time waxing poetically about how they are the better choice in 2020 from a President who has accomplished so much but does not "act Presidential."

Last I checked apologizing to the world for having a strong military, forcing people to buy a health product, killing "shovel ready jobs" when they were campaigned on, helping bring socialism to a capitalism-based society and dividing race relations to an all-time high do not seem to qualify as "acting Presidential" either.

Thanks Obama.

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