The Left Cares About John McCain When It Fits Their Narrative

Courtesy of Grabien, Fox News and Twitter

John McCain served many years for Arizona and the United States and was a staple of the Republican Party throughout different eras of politics.

He was a thorn in the side of Democrats and Republicans alike and was attacked on both sides for his views.

However after his feud with Donald Trump came to light in the twilight of his political career and his life the Left ran straight towards defending him and his honor and commitment to politics and his country.

They did this because it was another way to be firmly against President Donald Trump.

In the video above the hypocrisy of the Left caring about John McCain could not be any clearer. Bill Burton who worked on the Obama campaign is seen openly mocking McCain for not being able to use a computer due to his injuries sustained in war. He needed to "get with the times" and be able to communicate with his constituents in a more effective way.

The Left obliterated John McCain in the 2008 Election because he was seen as a threat to the "Chocolate Jesus" Barack Obama.

Do not be fooled by the seemingly rushed defense of John McCain by the Left or by anyone else.

The bottom line is that Trump and McCain never liked each other. Trump was asked a question and he answered it. So then the response must be that "he will never be a good man" and that "McCain was his Kryptonite."

When emotion overtakes logic these are the answers you get. The Democrats WANT this to be a lingering issue. They NEED this to be a lingering issue.

Do not give in to their cries for hate against Donald Trump. They just want attention. Ignore it!

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