Ocasio-Cortez Is Vapid

Courtesy of Grabien and NBC

There are countless examples and occasions that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez shows us who she really is.

She is the bright new star of the Democrat Party that wants to break the trend of waiting her turn to get actions done. She wants to go above the more established leadership of her party and have a strong platform to get things done.

On her way to accomplishing this though she allegedly "applied" for the job and had a surprising win over someone who was in line to take Nancy Pelosi's job as Speaker of the House. Coincidence?

Every time she goes out in public she wants to sound intelligent and important when all she really does is prove how empty and hollow she really is.

The Green New Deal? Laughable.

Her numerous appearances where she is actually asked questions on policy? Embarrassing.

The countless times she is welcomed on late night talk shows? It is the equivalent of a back-scratching convention.

Through all of this there are voters that simply see her as a young and ambitious woman who is taking charge and is taking the reins from Bernie Sanders in the progressive Democrat Socialist movement. They do not know any better because they are not well-educated!

The problem is that she is vapid. The only thing she does offer is a laundry list of gaffes, cringing moments and an overall lack of understanding for the power she now possesses.

But this is New York so we can probably look forward to her chasing more jobs away and not understanding anything of consequence when it comes to the economy, environment or any real knowledge in leadership or politics.

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