The Predictions By The Media Are Notoriously Terrible

Courtesy of Grabien

The media is getting absolutely hammered by the fact that they not only come across as the "Fake News" that they have been labeled as but also because of their keen sense of predicting awful thing to happen to Donald Trump.

And those predictions have terribly wrong!

It all really started Election Night 2016 when everyone said that there was no way Hillary Clinton was going to lose to Donald Trump in a general election...and then it happened.

Then they said that Stormy Daniels was going to get Donald Trump caught in an act that could get him impeached...and then it turned out to be nothing.

We move on to James Comey and Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort and Rod Rosenstein and all of the other countless accusations and people of interest who were "definitely" going to get Trump on the hook and have impeachment hearings start...and then nothing came of any of it.

So now the Mueller Report has finally concluded after two long pain-staking years the truth has come out...there is nothing there.

The media and the Left and Trump haters now have egg on their face for not only the past two years but the next six once Donald Trump is re-elected and continues to serve and help the United States thrive again.

This is what Making America Great Again is all about!

The media will of course pass this off as not a big deal and will go on their way bashing Trump and trying to conjure up new ways to defeat him.

But all Trump does is WIN!

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