The Mueller Report Was A Hype Train That Got Derailed

Courtesy of Grabien

The Mueller Report has finally concluded. There is no evidence of Russian collusion.

The media is not only NOT accepting this outcome but they were begging and pleading for this outcome to have never come to fruition.

Since the 2016 Election, and probably months before, the media and all Trump detractors among both parties were yearning to see Donald Trump get caught red-handed colluding with Russia.

In the case of the media they campaigned for years that this was how Trump was going to get impeached and that Trump was finally going to be out of office and we could get back some sense of normalcy within the Oval Office.

They all have egg on their face today don't they?

In a small sense that answer is yes. But you can believe that no matter how many frivolous reports, investigations and inquiries the Left and the media makes they will spend every second of every day of every week of every month of every year trying to find a way to get Trump out of office until he is in fact out of office.

Unfortunately for them he won't be out of office until 2020! Get comfortable because it will be a wild ride!

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