What Is The Bigger Threat--Global Warming Or The Border?

Courtesy of Grabien and CNN

The "real threats" of the United States come in many forms with many opinions. However Janet Napolitano made it very clear what she and many like her think is the real crisis that threatens our very lives---climate change and global warming.

She calls the Border a "zone that needs to be managed." What do you think President Trump is trying to do!?

This "threat" of climate change follows a laundry list of ideas that Democrats have been coming up with for decades. They do not really care about your safety. In fact they thrive on your fear for your safety. Why? The reason is because it keeps you voting for their scare tactics and their empty promises to "save" our planet and "save" future generations from the mistakes of the past.

This is hogwash and needs to be called out for it. Napolitano badly wants to propagate a message that science backs but comes across like so many others as scientifically inaccurate and agenda-driven. Should we ask Bill Nye his opinion on the matter? He has more credibility in this matter...barely.

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