Why The Avocado Is Not Something You Should Be Worried About

The mere Presidential threat of closing down the border has thrown the mainstream media into hysterics and dire warnings. America could run out of Avocados in three weeks if Trump shuts down the border! Are avocados truly more important than the human issues at stake?  I thought liberal democrats were the party of people, rights, and just causes!?!

The fact that we are even discussing this is proof of some liberal mental illness, but if we must talk AVOCADOS instead of human rights and national sovereignty, here are three things to consider:

California used to be the home of the Avocados. What happened? If the state had its act together it could absorb the loss of Mexican Avocados (not that this is the most pressing issue. Did I mention that?) Liberalism, regulation, the open border mindset and the cost of water is far more pressing than the price of the harvested fruits. The free market tends to balance out costs. It’s happened time and again. Think peanuts, almonds, bananas, oranges…do I need to say more?

The human rights issues of sex trafficking, the loss of life due to drug smuggling, disease pestilence and violence—all of which democrats give lip service to wanting to eradicate— outweigh the inconvenience of Americans not having guacamole! Plus, the Super bowl is like nine months away. We have time to work this fruit thing out, people!

Illegal immigration is changing the fabric of this country and open borders will be the death of our sovereign nation. A country which cannot control its borders is no longer a country.

Only a materialistic, indulgent nation cares more about a fruit than human life and well being.

If only the left knew how much America’s addiction to Avocados is costing the planet, they would support closing the border!

Think about that!

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