Fortnite Is Not The Issue. Bad Parenting Is.

Courtesy of Grabien and Fox News

The phenomenon known as Fortnite has swept across video game enthusiasts rapidly since its inception in 2017. It has targeted a mostly younger audience into its fun and fast-paced game play with bright colors and constant action.

This has led to millions of dollars spent on the free to download game and several headaches to be had by kids and parents about how much it consumes their lives with its usage.

However the tired argument of regulation to help curtail "addictive behavior" has now led to Fortnite being proposed to be banned for its consequences on the culture it has influenced.

Fortnite is being blamed for supporting the addictive nature of the culture we are breeding into an entire generation of people.

My simple response to this is WHY ARE WE BLAMING A GAME FOR THIS!?

The last I checked these kids have things called parents. Parents are supposed to raise their kids to become hopefully responsible and productive members of society. I realize that parenthood does not come with an instruction manual but passing the buck on to a video game and blaming it for the ineptitude of an entire culture of parenting is not only lazy and depressing but a shame and a disgrace.

Take some responsibility and be a parent. Don't let your kids walk all over you. Please don't let them dictate what choices they have while under YOUR roof.

They are still your children and they will still need to listen to your rules and your teachings. This is not that complicated!

Set boundaries! Set rules! Set standards! Set an example!

Video games are not the problem. Enabling people and enticing people to indulge in addiction without proper teaching is plague that needs to be cured.

Seriously stop blaming others for your mistakes.

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