Trump Is The President Because Obama and Biden Were Failures

Courtesy of Grabien and Fox News

Donald Trump is the President of the United States for many reasons. However the failure of Barack Obama and Joe Biden for 8 years marks a clear example of how this happened.

What did that administration accomplish? Obamacare? Forcing the American people to buy a product they do not want still remains but it is a shell of its former self and it close to being completely out of the picture.

The Obama/Biden regime promised hope and change for America and all it did was hope for the change to come. The change did come by making us more racially divided, more Socialist and more dependent on big government than ever before.

As President Trump says in the video above, "If Obama and Biden did a good job I probably would not be the President."

He is absolutely correct!

If the country liked how things were going they had two perfectly good candidates on the Democrat side in Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders to keep things going the way they were.

Trump has not only repaired relationships on a foreign and domestic front but has also sparked economic growth at historic levels and turned the United States from a joke to a beacon of strength in the world.

It is long past time that people realize that things are better now. Things have been made great again. Trump is here to make things better and continue to bring this country into prominence again.

Thanks Obama!

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