Obama Is STILL All About Himself

Courtesy of Grabien

Barack Obama was all about bringing hope and change to the United States. It is the basis for how he got elected.

He also wanted to let the whole world know that it was him alone that paved the path for all of the good things in life to have happened and will happen in the future. He lied about doing that in the 8 years he was in office. He is no longer the president and is still going around talking about life and how "he" did all these great things and can continue to do great things as long as "he" is at the helm.

This self-aggrandizement is nauseating cringe worthy.

When you refer to yourself 392 times at a Berlin Town Hall you sir have an ego problem. This should not surprise anyone as you carried that into every policy, every action and every stance you took both foreign and domestic.

If you hate Donald Trump promoting himself just look at how badly Obama wants to make it about "he" rather than "we."

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