CNN's Cuomo Calls Heartbeat Bill "BS."

Courtesy of mrcTV

Warning: Language

The fetal heartbeat bill is something the Left has openly said they will fight because they believe it violates the element of choice when it comes to women's bodies and abortion. Defenders of the bill say that it protects the rights of the child growing inside of the woman while the Left calls it an intrusive way to contradict Roe v. Wade.

Chris Cuomo from CNN brought on two guests to his show to discuss the bill and as per usual the odds were stacked in the favor of attack mode for the Left.

Cuomo then decided that the bill was "BS" and that no facts could be proven. When the topic of Kathy Tran's late term abortion idea came up Cuomo again said it was spreading or propaganda and "BS."

The Left does not want a discussion. They Left wants a fight and when their ideals are threatened they will talk down to you and make you submit to their will. Want to know why it is impossible to get anything done? It is impossible because it devolves into these types of conversations where emotion and temper tantrums rule the day.

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