Sanctuary Cities Are Backfiring On Democrats

Courtesy of Grabien and Reuters

Sanctuary Cities have become a stain on America. It has to be said. Giving safe quarter to a group of individuals who do not respect our laws makes the arbiters of allowing these Sanctuary Cities' implicit in the behavior that comes from it.

The crimes and the violence that has been allowed to fester in these safe havens is a highly destructive method of being “migrant friendly."

Being a Sanctuary City symbolizes that you do not care for the rule of law of the sanctity of a society based upon the rights of its citizens. You are essentially telling the citizens of this country that you do not see them as equal as non-citizens. So in the effort of trying to be fair and equal you diminish your population through coercion with ridicule and EMOTION.

People who want to come to this country legally have every right to but you do not have the right to come here and use and abuse a system that wants to welcome you. However when the system does not care for the well-being of its citizens there is not much that can be done besides use their tactics against them. You want to have these safe havens for illegals? YOU can take them all in and see if your economy and infrastructure and overall well-being can handle it.

So when Nancy Pelosi comes to microphone and calls Donald Trump's behavior un-American, I say to Nancy that her behavior is vile and worthy of disdain and public ridicule. How dare you lecture us when you clearly don't respect the rights of the very people you serve to thrive and prosper as legal citizens. You and your party have become a plague of ineptitude.

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