Sanctuary Cities Do Not Help Legal Immigration

Courtesy of Grabien and CNN

It is not that hard to see that Donald Trump simply wants to make illegal immigration heavily curtailed.

The Democrats want to make sure that they change the subject to meet their narrative.

Sanctuary cities are not examples of following the law yet the Democrats want you to believe that they are doing the "humanitarian" thing by providing this service.

If anyone is doing the country a huge disservice it is the Democrats who do not want what is best for the country.

When you add more people to an economy the balance is shifted and more have to be accommodated. This of course can be stabilized with gradual increase but not at the rate of mass chain migration.

Perhaps a lesson can be earned with the overall failures of Democrat policies in sanctuary cities. The excuses will come and cover up the real issues that they refuse to deal with.

Typical Democrat Hypocrisy.

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