The Future Is Grim With AOC

Courtesy of Grabien and Twitter

Want to know how to save the planet? Well the answer is that we humans have virtually no control over it.

Don't tell that to people like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez or anyone who believes in the nonsense known as the Green New Deal.

They use tactics of fear to drum up support for their cause and then blame others when action is not taken. Is it better to do something that is nonsensical rather than do nothing because we have no control over it?

Doubling down on shaming people into your position of thinking often backfires and makes people go away from your notions and ideas.

Why would I take advice from a bartender who auditioned to become a Representative in New York?

Why should I believe in science that you claim is fact when it is anything but that?

This is why experience in leadership is important in any type of work including being a Government official. Say what you want about President Trump but he is a leader and has the experience as his proof to back it up.

Let us know when you want to be serious. That will come when you don't offer hope and change and then say that you want to move forward from an era and a President who only offered that to us for 8 years.

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