Skipping School For Climate Change Is Celebrated...

Courtesy of Grabien and MSNBC

Take a good hard look at the message being sent to children when they are told that it is acceptable to protest and walk out of school for climate change.

The message is that if you don't agree with something you can walk out of any situation and whine and complain and until you get YOUR way and until YOUR voice is heard.

Climate change is a polarizing topic that has a lot of people talking about what ideas are reality and which are simply agenda driven narratives. Teaching your kids is an important responsibility of a parent but not at the expense of becoming a drone to policy that you have no conceptual knowledge or understanding of.

Letting children walk out of school to "teach a lesson" to those who are against what their beliefs are or what their parents' beliefs are is a travesty and a disgrace.

Take a good hard look at yourself before you act impulsively and let your kids walk out for climate change or global warming or whatever other term you want to use to prop up your own agenda.

Shame on you putting this dreck into the system and into your kids' lives.

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