Stop Blaming The United States for Venezuela's Problems

Courtesy of Grabien and Breitbart

A question must be asked as to the current situation of Venezuela.

In what capacity is it the fault of the United States that Venezuela is currently in the crisis that it finds itself in!?

Venezuela chose to turn to Socialism.

Venezuela chose to turn their guns into the government.

Venezuela chose to turn its thriving country into a cesspool of deterioration, suffering and unrest.

Did the United States or Donald Trump make this happen? No! So please for all of us STOP BLAMING THEM!

The progressive part of the Democrat Party assures us that "their form" of "Democratic Socialism" will not represent Venezuela or any other country that has experienced Socialism. They are downright wrong and foolish to try and convince you otherwise.

All of the fears you may have about Socialism and how it can destroy that which was once good is the nightmare we will all have if people like Bernie Sanders and Alexandria-Ocasio Cortez and Ilhan Omar have anything to say about it!

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