The Democrats And The Media Are In Denial Over Russian Meddling

Courtesy of Grabien and CNN

The Mueller Report is out and there is no collusion between Donald Trump and the Russians. The 19 page memo and the 448 page Mueller Report can be seen by anyone who needs to see it. The Democrats and the media still do not believe that this is good enough. They MUST see the unredacted report even though there was no unredacted Starr Report during the Bill Clinton investigation.

They badly want to find anything that will make the 2+ year long investigation find anything that incriminates Donald Trump. They want him out of office so badly that they cannot accept the truth that nothing happened and there is no proof. They simply will not move on! They are in a constant state of denial.

They are one step away from joining Hillary Clinton in Chappaqua reliving out fantasies of glories they will not be able to enjoy.

It is a monumental waste of time for them and the American people. Trump won and you lost. Get over it.

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