Impeachment Is A Dead Issue

Courtesy of Grabien and NBC News

For all those politicians and people hoping for President Trump to get impeached you are now officially in the minority when it comes to public opinion.

The American people are tired of all of the investigations and want the Government to do its job and work for the people that voted them in.

America decided that the Democrats should get the House back and they should not have been surprised when the Democrats promptly did what they campaigned on which was to investigate Trump at the expense of getting anything done.

Elections have consequences and we are reaping what we sow.

The Democrats have significantly backed off of trying to impeach Trump because they now know if they do turn the ship around for 2020 that Trump will be in office until 2024 and they will not tolerate it.

Far be it from me to perhaps give Democrats a solid strategy but they are going completely against what they normally do for this election.

If there is one thing the Democrats do really well it is backing one candidate, regardless if they are the best candidate, and backing them fully and making their constituents buy into one person to lead for 2,4 or 6 years at a time.

Perhaps rallying around one of these seemingly endless candidates is the way to go.

Impeachment of Trump though is now a dead idea. Although I'm sure Maxine Waters and Al Green will continue to go after it they simply will be sharing coffee while discussing it rather than using a megaphone for all of America to have to endure.

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