Joe Biden Is A Bad Idea For 2020

Courtesy of Grabien and Fox News

Joe Biden is trying to make you believe that he can command crowds of the Democrat Party for 2020. He started off very poorly garnering 600 people in a crowd for a speech to gain support for his campaign.

President Donald Trump gets 600 people in the front row of a section outside of a venue that could not get in to see and hear him speak.

Joe Biden had a lot of trouble putting a full sentence together.

Donald Trump speaks clearly every day to a press that hates him and answers all of their questions.

This is a bad look for the Democrats and this is supposed to be their best shot at defeating Trump in 2020!?

The 2016 Election seems like forever ago but they still believe that they have the upper hand!?

Biden beating Bernie in a primary as Hillary did would send shock waves of discontent throughout the Democrat voters for years to come.

This is what you wanted Democrats so sit back and enjoy the gaffe car wreck this is inevitably going to be.

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