Seattle, New York City... What is it with Cities Run By Liberals? (Rant)

(HT Instagram/@boyboi_tru_shine)

NYC is a mess but so is virtually ever Democrat run city!

Poor roads, bad schools, broken families, bad water, vagrants crapping in the streets, needles littering unsafe playground, murder rates worse than a third world country. Of course this hits mostly minority people who for generations have languished under this misery. No money for safe schools but millions demanded and given to the abortion mills which again target minorities. Millions spent to make illegals comfortable in sanctuary cities. How much is the “Green New Deal” going to cost? Yet what is the solution offered for the misery?

Well, liberals hand out "free" phones, promise of utopia while blaming others of being Nazis, white supremacist and racists... Meanwhile nothing changes, everything gets worse.

This while the USA is experiencing an economic boom and minority job creation is the largest in history. Tell ya what, you made your bed of rot, sleep in it! JUST DON'T MOVE HERE!


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