Biden Is Seen Internationally As A Joke

Courtesy of Grabien and NBC

Joe Biden has become even more polarizing now that he is running for President in 2020.

Everything Biden does turns to gold for the Democrats, Everything Biden does to the rest of us logical thinking Americans is as clear as day---hilariously bad.

Now take Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un and their discussions on improving foreign relations between the two countries.

They both agree that Joe Biden would be a terrible choice to continue the good nature that has been formed.

The point that Sarah Sanders is making in the video above is that it should not take two world leaders to confirm what everyone already knows about Joe Biden.

That plain and simple fact is that Joe Biden would be a grave mistake for the Democrat Party. So let's hope that the Democrats go through with it! The last time they tried this kind of tactic---Hillary Clinton lost spectacularly.

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