Dems Won't Win Back Fly Over Country

Courtesy of Grabien and CBS

The Democrat Party wants to whine and complain about how they are the majority and that their way is the only way to truly represent the country.

They tend to always forget about Middle America or what is often referred to as "Fly Over Country."

That part of the country tends to not vote with Democrats because they do not represent what that particular platform has to offer.

Free healthcare for all and the Green New Deal with higher taxes and more Government programs do not suit the needs of Middle America.

The Democrats have all but forgotten about these voters because they feel as if they do not matter unless it is election season. They do not have their best intentions for you and they never will.

When Sen. John Tester (D-MT) says that he cannot endorse Steve Bullock from his own state or say that anything the Democrats say will win over voters in "Fly Over Country", that is a real problem and one that will not be addressed any time soon.

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