The Media Must Tell You Their Opinion On Abortion

Courtesy of Grabien and CBS

The mainstream media have been slipping more into editorial and opinion sources of information rather than simply reporting and observing.

They are not hiding behind anything because they feel they have the moral authority to tell you how to absorb the news you are being told.

CBS has taken it upon themselves to tell you that the new anti-abortion bills that are showing up they are not on board with at all.

They will tell you that it is "scary times" in America when these kinds of bills are being floated around and accepted by certain states and populations across the country.

They must get in the middle of the debate and report to you that if you agree with the anti-abortion bills or support them you have a wrong opinion.

How is this not dangerous for the media to do?

It is extremely dangerous and not professional at all.

It is not your job to control the narrative no matter how much you want to do so.

Please for the sake of all of us report the news and let others have opinions about it.

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