Mexico Needs To Do Their Part With Immigration

Courtesy of Grabien and CNN

The crisis at the southern border is getting worse by the day.

President Trump has put into place tariffs against Mexico for the country not doing an adequate job at policing their borders and helping curtail the crisis of illegal immigration.

Are the tariffs the best idea? Will they help solve the issue? Is the President doing the right thing?

The answer truly needs to be that the country of Mexico is being put on notice to not only be better about helping fix the problems at the border but if they do not help the tariffs and taxes will get worse.

We have a leader holding someone accountable for their actions!? This is considered a bad thing!?

It is time that Mexico pulls their weight in helping this crisis.

For those that claim that Arizona's "booming economy" will be impacted by these tariffs---that means you are admitting that Trump is doing a good job with the economy!

Perhaps give this a chance it may just work out.

Unfortunately we have a media and a section of the population that believes anything Trump does will hurt the country.

President Trump is trying to make America first instead of kowtow to other country's ineptitude.

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