The Democrats Don't Have A Good 2020 Candidate

Courtesy of Grabien and NBC

The Democrat Party was coming off of a high point of their party after their success during the 2018 elections.

They were geared up to take down President Trump and make even more progress for the 2020 elections.

There is just one little problem they have...they have no real direction and they do not have any quality candidates.

Forget about taking down Donald Trump they cannot even decide what true platform they want to use to try and gain the support of the American people. Socialism? Democratic Socialism? Capitalism?

Will they elect a white guy or a minority or a woman?

They do not have a true identity and it is showing every day we get closer to the elections.

The Democrats used to be really good at unifying under one banner and playing it out until they lose. Win and we continue to back you but lose and we will throw you the sidelines and make way for someone else that fits our needs.

I am not trying to give the Democrats any advice but whatever they are doing now will spell nothing short of an unmitigated disaster for 2020.

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