Buttigieg Thinks Trump Is Mean!

Courtesy of Grabien and Twitter

The realm of politics rarely ever truly surprises many people any more these days.

Aside from the greatest political upset in American history with Donald Trump winning in 2016 the world of politics typically shows everyone that games will be played simply to get votes.

Pete Buttigieg has once again used a piece of the Democrat playbook they love to use to get their narrative across---children.

At a speech in Palo Alto, CA, Buttigieg took a question from a child in the audience, "How are you going to beat Trump?"

Why do Democrats use a section of the population that does not know what is really going on and has no real opinion on the matter and cannot vote!?

They use emotion rather than logic.

They use innocent children to make you feel guilty to vote with them and have their opinions on the world you live in.

These tactics are only used by the Left and they only want to get a specific response from that messaging.

Shame on you Democrats!

Shame on you Pete Buttigieg!

These kids deserve better than to be unknowingly manipulated for selfish gains!

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