Rikers Island Will Fix Global Warming!?

Courtesy of Grabien and Twitter

Global warming and climate change are going to be two narratives that the Left is going to cling to for a while in hopes that something will indeed change.

Of course by the time that happens won't the timeline for our impending doom have already expired?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez seems to come up with new layers for her plan to radically fix our planet from the scourge that has been forced upon us!

Her new idea is to turn the infamous prison located at Rikers Island into a Solar Panel Center to help curtail global warming and climate change and rid New York City of their dangerous and toxic power plants.

Does she care about the practicality of even proposing such a ludicrous idea? Was this a paragraph in the Green New Deal everyone saw and immediately laughed at like the rest of it? Is she seriously trying to move around a prison system to help the environment?

I will give her the praise for having a vivid imagination while being clearly lost in the clouds of her own ambition and ego.

However this is merely just another reason why practicality and common sense are not strong attributes of Ocasio-Cortez or her party as a whole!

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