Biden Is A Flip Flopper...Habitually.

Courtesy of Grabien and Youtube

Joe Biden is truly trying to appease the radical Democrat Party by giving up everything he believed in for a chance to take out Trump.

Trump Derangement Syndrome at its finest!

Not only has Biden reversed his 40-year-long stance on the Hyde Amendment but now he believes that China is indeed a real threat to the United States!?

It is one thing to play to a base or cater to an audience but Biden is firmly down the slippery slope path of becoming a puppet of a candidate for the party to get over a mass appeal candidate.

Never mind the actual values and sacrificing what you believe in for a product you are against wholeheartedly at your core but you are allowing it to happen because you are so desperate.

The fact is that Biden is desperate and the Democrats are desperate. Desperation is not a good look to have especially since a large section of the population will never vote for your belief that wasn't radical. Now that you have your policies turned up to maximum levels of placation people are going to see right through that!

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