Joe Biden Can't Cure Cancer Due To Global Warming!?

Courtesy of Grabien and ABC

Joe Biden claims he is going to cure cancer if he is elected President in 2020. He is also a big supporter of going where the Democrat wind blows when it comes to policy.

Joy Behar from The View discusses why Joe Biden will be incapable of curing cancer due to the fact that Global Warming and Climate Change are destroying us all and will make any attempt at this impossible.

The Left loves to make big promises and then put obstacles in their way to solve problems with even bigger ones as they stack power and control over American lives.

Global Warming is not destroying us all and although curing cancer is of course a good thing to want it seems like a promise that cannot be seen through to its full potential making it a somewhat empty promise.

The Left is at it again when it comes to hyperbole and nonsense and when it comes from the same sources over and over again it tends to get monotonous and we as a country tend to tune out!

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