Trump Is Attacking Unbalanced Trading. Finally Someone Is Doing This!

Courtesy of Grabien and The Hill

The United States has been called everything from a "doormat" to a "piggy bank" when it comes to making deals and trade in the global market.

We now have a President who will not be punked in this regard and will make beneficial and fair deals for America. This is considered a bad thing!?

The unbalanced trade markets will be a thing of the past for America as long as Trump is in charge of the art of the deal.

Consequences for unfair practices have already been shown to be at the ready for those not willing to cooperate with America in making said fair deals.

Tariffs may not be the best thing to do but in an attempt to ensure that America succeeds again on the global stage with trading---bold strategies must be taken! Trump is still winning! America is still winning!

Tired of it yet? Of course not!

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